Mimi the Magnificent
and the
Mystic Managerie!
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Before there can be pumpkins, there must be patch prep...
the Yin and Yang Patch - Home of Artemis and Pippi Longstockings.

Mimi the Magnificent Rules the Back Patch

At two days of age  - Mimi (997 Zunino) surveys her domain....
The Goofy Goliath is in the rear

Mimi Likes Stylish Hats!

and her pretty green stripes... even at two days she's got a sense of style.

Goliath (981 Zunino) Bows to the True Ruler Of the Patch

At four days, he already knows to bend over for dominant females.

 Amanda Buries Vines on her Plant - Artemis (670 Daigle)

Artemis, the "bud" can be seen at 14.5 feet out near the tip

 Olivia Shows off Pippi LooongStockings

Pippi  (981 Zunino) is 15 feet out and looongs to grow!!!

 The Pollinators

Amanda gives Olivia some pollination advice

 Olivia Makes Like a Bee with Pippi

a 981 Zunino matched with a  670 Daigle..... can you say orange??

 Amanda Powders Artemis's Nose

A gorgeous six lober, Artemis gets a few dabs of Mimi's magic yellow powder

 The  Goofy Goliath Brothers

Which one to keep? - This is gonna be tough - the big one's at  only nine feet....

 Pippi Longstockings Really is Looong

This whole fruit is gonna be long.... not just her socks

 Behold Artemis - Greek Goddess of the Hunt...

in her mystical realm under the canopy - with a view down the main vine


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